Horrible lower back pain

Ever had Major lower back pain with a capital M?

…I have more then one moment not able to hardly move.

Last time I had really bad back pain…

on my way to work I’m telling myself, “You will be fine…You

can work through this”

…Well I just kept getting worse and wore tell I called my wife, “Come get me I can’t move”

…I limped off the job (Construction) laid on the wet cold grass waiting for my wife to drive an

hour (Get our kids out of school and such) right before my wife got to me…

I’m freezing not able to move on wet grass…

My wife calls me and the sprinklers around me go off…

I have never felt so miserable…So yea horrible lower back pain.

What I have tried for lower back pain:

1. Stretches

2. Chiropractic

3. Home remedies: Turmeric, Ginger, Fish oil, Ben gay…

What is working to relieve my lower back pain:

A product called Flex…Make sure you check it out HERE.